Houston Meter Can Repair

 Houston Electric Meter Loop  problems consist mainly of burned lugs, which over time causes symptoms such as lights dimming, total loss of power to one or more rooms in the home, Power can go off for a period of time, and then come back on by itself.

Meter Loop Socket Repair

We are Licensed Electricians and can repair and replace bad residential electric meter sockets. .

Meter Loop Can Replacement

Because of the installations of the new smart meters, Old meters which has been in use for years, are being removed to install the new smart meters all over houston, and the power company is finding stuck meters, burned lugs, burned electric meter sockets, and will not install the new smart meter until you get the electric meter can replaced or repaired.

If you live inside the City of Houston city limits, a permit is required, and it has to be inspected by a city inspector and approved before power can be restored.